Pastor Nathan Keith


Andrea Toven, Parish Office Manager


Jennie Lawrence, Church Librarian and Archivist


Yiheng Chen, Organist


Larry Hazlett, Choir Director


(Not Pictured)

Church Financial Secretary Bev Gossett


(Not Pictured)

Church Treasurer Susan Manown


Trinity Church Council Schedules – 2017

2017 Church Council Meetings:

Church Council Meetings


2017 Church Council Member Counters Schedule:

Monthly counters


Trinity Church Council Executive Committee – 2017

Lindsay Conyers – President of Council and Co-Leader of Worship & Music









(Picture Unavailable)                                                    Mark Lyford –  Vice President of Council                                                                                                       and Leader of Finance/Stewardship                                                                                                             Committee



Kris Oolman – Secretary of Council and Leader of Fellowship Committee





Trinity Church Council Members – 2017

(Picture Unavailable)                                                   Margot Birkholz – Leader of Evangelism                                                                                                      Committee and Head of Altar Guild




Edward Hiller – Leader of Property Committee




(Picture Unavailable)                                                    Diahann Jablin – Leader of Youth                                                                                                                    Committee

(Picture Unavailable)                                                   Martin Greller – Leader of Vision Committee




Judy Moline – Leader of Christian Education Committee





(Picture Unavailable)                                                   Mark Stayton – Leader of Mutual Ministry                                                                                                    Committee


(Picture Unavailable)                                                    Janet Talbott – Leader of Social Ministry                                                                                                       Committee


                           Jennifer Zenor – Leader of Campus Ministry                                     Committee