Sunday School


Trinity Loves Kids!  Sunday School Lessons are now available both in the classroom on Sundays or with At-Home Study!


Trinity Lutheran Church provides Sunday School during church services on Sunday.  We are also pleased to offer an At-Home Study for families that are attending on-line services.  Please see the following information from our Sunday School Coordinators Jen Zenor and Jacob Burnett:

As with many things in our world today, Sunday school looks different this year. If you are not in a position to come to church (or if you miss a week), I have created a Google Drive file with all of the Sunday school lessons for the rest of the school year and shared it with each of you. To access the folder, click here.  

In the folder, you will find Fall Year A (11-22-20), Winter Year B (11-29-20 to 2-14-21), and Spring Year B (2-21-21 to 5-30-21) files that contain lessons for the respective timeframes. 

Each lesson file contains the following info:

  1. Activity Page–This is what we typically focus our lessons on
  2. Art Extra–Another option for an activity
  3. Family Page–Describes how you can make the lesson a family activity
  4. Leader Guide–Provides teaching strategies
  5. Wild Card–Another option for an activity

During Sunday school we start by reading the bible verse out of the Spark Story Bible and I have the kiddos help me find it in the bible. Trinity has a good supply of these bibles so the next time you are in the church building, please stop in the Otto Dahl room (Sunday school room) and grab one out of the short bookcase (next to the little table) to have at home. 

After reading the verse, we work on the ‘Activity Page’,  listen to and sing bible songs, and talk about the verse meaning/application in simple little kid terms. For the most part, you should have the supplies needed for these activities around the house. There are also supply lists included in each Fall/Winter/Spring file.

Jen Zenor & Jacob Burnett


Contact Pastor Nate or the church office for more information on Sunday School for your child.