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The winds will blow…

Wyoming Wind Sock, 02-16

What commitment to the Lenten journey have you made?

Lent is a time where we prepare, work hard, and transform.  We walk the way Jesus walks.  Have you been able to stay on course during this Lenten season?

The last few weeks in southeast Wyoming have been filled with many high wind warnings; some of which included gusts between 70 and 90 miles per hour.  In fact, I am listening the crisp February wind dance around our home as I write tonight.

I wonder if Jesus encountered such wind during his faithful time in the Judean desert.  I also wonder if Satan—appearing to Jesus and tempting him with food, on the Temple, and on the mountain—would feel those 70 to 90 mile per hour winds.  How difficult it must have been for Jesus to stay on course those forty days. Despite all the temptations, Jesus did not waiver.  He stayed on course and stayed true to his commitment for his ministry… for you and for me.

When we begin to think like Jesus, we can better shape our lives around His spirit and heart. We will all experience times in our lives that shake us to our core.  In the face of being taken to the cross, experiencing betrayal, and pain and suffering beyond words, Jesus arrived at Easter; he arrived for each and every one of us.

How much more beautiful does Easter become when we have prepared, done the hard work, and transformed?

Whether you have yet to make a Lenten commitment, or if you have fallen of course, renew your promise now.  The winds of Lent are blowing among us. Let us open our lives and be amazed by it!


Jennifer Zenor is the Executive Director for the Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. This organization is a leading advocate against sexual and domestic violence in Wyoming. Jennifer believes that engaging in compassionate efforts to prevent violence before it happens and also providing a collective response to victims will build compassionate and engaged communities committed to see violence end.